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Weaning a Calf

We have chosen to use Quiet Wean to help wean our Jersey hefir from her momma.  This is a nose clip that block the calf from being able to drink milk.  The calf is content and the stress is minimal.  We are so thankful for this method!  We have heard balling calves at other people’s farms – we are so thankful, that this desperate cry for one’s momma is not part of our animal husbandry plan!

Here is a  video demonstrating the Quiet Wean nose flap:

I also might add.  We saw other brands out their that has rough bumps and even more promanant spikes.  The Quite Wean doesn’t have those – we see that they are not neccessary!

I love intuiative farming!  Check out this little video of how this large farm seperates a whole heard of cows and calves – so simply!

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