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St. Croix Information

St. Croix hair sheep are prolific and breed throughout the year, making them valuable to the U.S. sheep industry. With no shearing costs, strong parasite resistance, no fly strike, high lamb survivability, good mothering instincts and good flocking, the St. Croix Sheep has a lot to offer shepherds in the US.

Advantages of St. Croix 

  • No shearing
  • Both sexes polled
  • Parasite resistant
  • Reduced foor-root
  • Fine-grained. low fat, mild flavored meat
  • Non selective grazers
  • Heat and cold tolerant
  • Good flocking instinct
  • Good Temperament

Excellant Lambing Production

  • High lambing percentage
  • Year-round breeding 
  • Lamb at 12 months 
  • Good mothers 
  • Good milk production 
  • High survivability  
  • St. Croix crosses produce more pounds of lamb


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