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Fruit & Veggies!  Pure Raw Goodness!

We have 3 gardens and an orchard at time of this writing.  One garden is our main vegetable (and annual fruit) garden.  We plant this year round (using row covers for our winter garden), so that we may have fresh food year round.  Another one is a perennial fruit garden, which contains blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, grapes and raspberries. The third is a prerrenial herb graden which holds herbs that we use to treat our family, our animals and our land.  The orchard consists of many varieties of apple, peach, fig and cherry trees.  (Cherry is not recommended for our region, and may have to be pulled, but we wanted to give it a try!)  It is our hope to increase this orchard in the coming years with MORE peaches, almonds and pecans.  We have a faithful mature pecan tree by the house, which offers us shade and gives us a harvest each year that keeps our family stocked with this delicious nut for the whole year.

We have an arrangement with another cattle farmer who has haying equipment to cut and bale our hay.  He takes a percentage and leaves us the rest.  It is a good arrangement for this season in our farm.  We are thankful for it!



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