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Poisonous Plant List for Goats

Most goats will only eat a poisonous plant if they are not getting a balanced diet or if they are young in herd without adult does to teach them. You may notice that not all these plants are poisonous to humans – or other animals.  However, we need to make a note of them for our goats.  Some symptoms of poisoning are similar to the symptoms of bloat. If a goat has eaten something poisonous they will be kicking at the ground, foaming at the mouth, and rumen may appear to be swollen. They must be treated immediately with a charcoal gel or death will occur.  (Charcoal have item for anyone keeping animals.  It is a valuable part of our home-health care as well.  If you do not stock and use charcoal; I highly recommend learning about it!)

Below is a list of plants known to be poisonous to goats. Not all parts of the plant or varieties of a species of plant is harmful. Certain parts of some plants may be dangerous such as the flower, fruit, root, stalk, or leaves but not the entire plant is harmful.   It is good to get some field guides and take a tour of your goat’s terrain to see if you can identify and remove any of these items for their areas, as a preventative measure and good education for yourself.  We lost a goat to what appeared to be poisoning.  We got to her too late – she was too far gone.  It is a sad thing to witness – especially if it might be prevented.  In our case, she was a young goat who was separated from the heard and put in with her sister and the sheep because she was too young (6 months) to mate with the buck that we had put in with the others.  We looked around the field, but could not find the source.

Poisonous Plants:

ACONITE                            ALDERARUM                    AZALEAS

ANEMONE                         BRACKEN                          BEET LEAVES

BLACK NIGHTSHADE           BROOM                        BUTTERBUR

BUTTERCUP                       BUCKTHORN                    BOX

BYRONY                              CELANDINE                      CHARLOCK

CUPRESSES                         DAFFODIL                   DOGS MERCURY


FOXGLOVE                       FOOLS PARSLEY               FUNGI

GROUND IVY                      GLADIOLUS                      GOURDS

HELLEBORES                      HEMLOCK                         HOLM OAK

HORSETAIL                         HYDRANGEA                     IRIS

JUNIPER                              KNOTGRASS                    KNOTWEED

KINGCUP                             LABURNUM                      LOCOWEED

LORDS AND LADIES          LILAC                        LUPINS (YELLOW)


MOUNTAIN LAUREL          MULLEINS                         MUSHROOMS


PENNYCRESS                      PRIVET                                POTATO

RAGWORT                          RHODODENDRON            RHUBARB

RUSH                                    SPINDLE BERRY          SPURGE LAUREL

THORN APPLE                     TANSY                          TOMATO (ALL)


YELLOW FLAG                 YELLOW JASMINE            YEW

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