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Is a Havanese the Right Dog for You?

We want to be sure that we have a good fit between you and your new puppy.  What are some things for you to expect while enjoying life with a Havanese?

First of all, here is a cute and broad video overview of the breed:


Their hypo-allergenic coat is one thing to expect, which is super soft and silky, yet does not shed, ideal for owners with pet allergies. Their coat comes in many shades and patterns for a variety of beautiful dogs. Because their hair doesn’t shed, it does need to be groomed on a regular basis. Don’t be intimidated.  I groom mine and it isn’t bad at all, I actually think it’s fun.  It is sweet bonding time between you and your dog. There are many choices of brushes and combs at any pet store, experiment and see which ones work best for you and your Havanese. You can always take him to a professional as well, if that is more your comfort level. The shorter you keep their coat the lower maintenance it will be. If the long hair is too much for you to maintain, just keep it on the short side.  Since I live on a farm and my dogs have plenty of outdoor playtime, I have chosen not to keep it as long as if I were showing them;  just at a medium length “puppy cut”. (Adorable, let me tell you!)

Their size, which ranges from 9-13 lbs. Small, but not too delicate. They are a perfect indoor companion dog.

Their energy level is moderate. They will run around like crazy if they get a chance to outdoors, (especially when they are young, like all puppies) but also are good city and apartment dogs. Mind, they are ‘people dogs’ and are bred for companionship, so keep that in mind if you work away from home for long hours at a time.

I love the trust and loyalty that Havanese have for their owners, and how sometimes they just seem to know what you are thinking. I love how each individual dog has an extremely distinct personality. I love it when they run… and hop and pop up in pure joy of  my coming home.  I also love how they jump on my lap and fall fast nuzzled in like the ideal little rag doll. All of these reasons and more are why I decided to become a breeder of purebred Havanese.

July 11, 2016 - 4:54 pm

Donna Deppe - I love havanese!

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