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Introducing My Sire and Dam

If you’ve read the links above, you now know a little background of the breed that I raise. Now I can introduce you to my sire and dam, who both have full time careers being awesome family pets, and are the best of friends!

MommyThis is my female, Zoe. She is such a sweetie. I love her eyes…they are so pretty! She is very loyal to me, and likes to follow me everywhere I go. She usually falls asleep in my lap when I comb her hair and is very agreeable at grooming time. She does really well with children. She is extremely intelligent, understanding almost everything I say to her, and she is quick to obey. Her personal temperament is cautious and watchful yet sweet, it must be ‘the momma in her’.  She is noMommyt quick to trust a stranger and she does have her preferences with some people.  She will alert us if something is out of order, but responds very well to learning when it is appropriate and not appropriate to bark. This actually makes her our best watch dog. Her hair color is a good example of the variety a Havanese coat can have. She had a lot of dark brown and black, believe it or not, when she was younger, and it grew out to a beautiful light tan with cute dark ears and nose.  It has a tendency to grow quickly, but not  be as thick as some. She weighs about 13 pounds.

MommyThis is my male, Oliver. He is such a lover! Every chance he gets, he is up in someone’s lap or at their feet, curled up in a ball. He loves to play, too, and has a very light heart and joyful temperament. He is our peppy puppy. He is very intelligent and quick to obey and easy to train.  He loves to be the center of attention! He loves to ride in the car, go newMommyplaces, and meet new people and dogs. He gets along with everybody and steals the hearts of everyone whom he comes in contact with.   He is the type of dog that leans into you and is happy to give you his belly when he comes for a snuggle. His coat is super thick, fluffy  and soft and seems to grow a little slower than his mate’s. He weighs about 9 pounds.


My sire and dame are the best of friends, always traveling in pairs.  They do everything together.  Oliver is Zoe’s shadow.  Their relationship is so sweet and they make a wonder parent team. While Zoe is the puppies’ primary care giver, Oliver also checks on them and watched after them.  It is a really neat thing to see.  The combination of these two dogs in personality, temperament and physical traits alike are making wonderful puppies to pass on to others for many litters to come.  I are very pleased with my puppies’ parents!

July 11, 2016 - 4:50 pm

Donna Deppe - Your havanese are gorgeous. Zoe is absolutely beautiful & I love the ticking on Oliver. I bet they will make amazing puppies for you.

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