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Electrolite Replacement Fluid

Here is a simple eletrolite formula to use when an animal isn’t eating or drinking and your are concerned about dehydration.  It is good also, to replenish eltrotrolites if an animal has diarrhea.  (This is good for use with people too!)

Give “free choice” if they still drinking.  Or give in a “drench” in small (30-60 CC for  medium animals – like goats more or less for small or large animals) amounts in frequent intervals if they are too weak or not drinking.

This recipe is for a gallon’s worth, but can easily be reduced to half gallon or quart recipe.

1 gallon warm water

2 tsp salt

1 tsp baking soda

1/2 C molasses or honey

NOTE:  When using an oral drench, do it cautiously, allowing time for the animal to swallow the solution. Only give a few cc’s at a time and then allow them to swallow it, to insure that the fluid does not enter the lungs.

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