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Comfrey – A Homesteader’s Friend

I have been a long time user of comfrey for medicinal purposes; which is why I started to grow it.  Soon after, I learned that comfrey had so many more benefits for my homestead.  If sustainability is the goal of your homestead, than read on – you too will agree that every homestead should include comfrey!  It’s got it all!

Low Maintainance:  Comfrey is low maintainance, prolific and easy to grow.  So much so, that you might want to have a plan for it, or it can “take over” if you have not planted it in a wise place.  I love perrenial plants that grow in spite of me!!  That is my kind of gardening!  You can get 4 or 5 cuttings off this plant through the year.  You can dry it and still use in in the off season.  I have also learned that the best way to get rid of it (if you need to move it) is to build a nice active, hot compost pile ontop of it and let it do it thing for a year.  Then your ground should be free.  The biggest mistake people make in trying to remove it, it by trying to dig it out.  The tap roots are so strong and run so deep, that they branch off and propagate that way..which only makes your confrey patch more prolific.

Medicinal Purposes:  The root is the most potent part of the plant medicinally, but the roots, leaves and flowers are used.


Here is a little more back ground of Comfrey Dr. Christopher.

Fertilizer:  Use comfrey to make a fertalizer tea to be use don our plants, os simple use the leaves them selves as a compost activator.  You can lip and pile the leaves like mulch a the base of plants of work it into the soil.  Worms love comfrey, it draws them to where ever you use it.  Permaculturists will tell you to plant in your orchards.  So that is what we plan to do.  I have some currently planted in my medicinal garden, but I am a little concerned that it might “take over” even thought I have barriers between my beds.  I figure, better safe then sorry, I hope ot transplant it before roots reach 10 feet and I have to dig to China to effectively move them.  :-)I will harvest my comfrey from the orchard in the furture and just mow it down if I can’t use it all.  Here is a link on how to make the tea or concentrate.

Feeding Chickens:  I am always looking for sustainable ways to feed my chickens from things that I can easily produce on my homeastead, that do not require me to grown grain or use soy.    While at the same time giving me high egg yields and meaty eating birds.  So I was tickled to read the article shared in the this link about using comfrey as chicken feed.

Bees:  My bees love it!

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