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Eggs, meat, & sustainable parasite managment!

Chickens were the first livestock we started keeping, back in Pennsylvania, before we had a farm.  We started out with a dowzen Road Island Reds and New Hamshire Reds hens, no rooster.  This worked well for our little suburban egg laying.  We had a family of 4 at the time which increased to 6.  We enjoyed having eggs on hand.  When we moved to TN, we decided to sell our hens and get new ones donw here.  Since Road Island Reds were all we knew and they treated us right, that is what we looked for.  We increased our flock (because we could) and our family by this time had increased to 8, we included roosters into our mix.  Then a couple of hens got broody, so we set them apart to let them lay on the eggs (without interupting egg production) and our flock increased again.  it came time to cull our hens, egg production was going down – so for fun we thought we would try Austrolorps.  That is what we have at the time this writing.  We are very pleased with them as well.  It appears that they tend to brood a little more than the RI and NH Reds.  We like that, because when the momma’s hatch and take care of their own babies..we don’t have to!!  Both breeds are larger size birds, which have real strong and steady laying patterns.  They are dual purpose birds, with the meat oon their bones.  So at any time, you can hatch our a batch of meat birds to be raised for meat on the side.

Our birds are truly free range which encourages them to hint and peck for bugs (a main source of protien for them).  They are fed NON GMO feed.  We are now embarking on a new sustainable feeding plan.  Since we do not grow grains and their feed has had to be purchased this far, we want to try to minimize what is purchased and produce our feed, which minismizes our farm costs and puts is one step closer to true farm sustainability.  This will also give us a soy free feed.  Many people are concerned about the effects soy in our diets and as well as in the diets of our lifestock.  This is also a way for us to “kill to birds with one stone” as my grandma used to say……maybe that’s not the best analogy in this case!!!  To be continued….

  • We sell eggs locally.
  • We also hatch chicks out for anyone who would like to start their own flock.  (Farm pick-up only.  No shipping.) 

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